Swim Director - Kaia Hedlund
Swim Director - Ted Shepard
Swim Director - Jim Anderson
Swim Director - Steve Munatoni
Swim Director - Fred Trask
Swim Director Jim Cotton

The Eras

The top management 42-year history of the Swim can be conveniently be boiled down into six “eras” based on the primary personnel who were actually carried the underlying responsiblity for the event. Others helped in execution and we have tried to mention them and we welcome load-carrier additions.

Tough Job

This job is serious because there are many legal, insurance and bureaucratic powers to be dealt with in the permit process. Also numerous volunteers, a few paid hands and Nautilus, god of the seas, who controls the tidal currents and the creatures of the deep…. all must be engaged and mollified before the gun goes off on Labor Day morning at 9:00 AM year after year.

Trask - Anderson - Shepard

The Swim has been blessed by a succession of conscientious and talented volunteer leaders who built upon their predecessor’s work to keep adding improvements while avoiding the commercial solutions in the form of a would-be “Budweiser Swim”. Foremost in this regard would be Trask, Anderson and Sheppard who served long tenures of 6, 8 and 15 years, respectively…silent mega-gifts to the swimming world.

Kaia Hedlund

The amazing result is an event that seems to be everyone’s favorite open water swim. The locale doen’t hurt but actually it is the invisible efficiency of the people that run the operation so expertly that deserve the credit for a “job well done”. Next time you see a Race Director say   "Thank You Kaia"   ....   please!